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Gamebasics MissionGamebasics wants to gather as many football lovers from all over the world as possible for at least 10 minutes a day, to allow them to feel as if they are the manager of their favourite football team.

We aim to reach this goal by striving towards an optimal game experience, where you can join your friends into localized communities, to display your knowledge of football at any given time, through any mainstream platform.  Read more

About Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a fun and challenging internet game in which the player has the opportunity to become a top-level football manager and have their pick of any team competing in one of the 100+ available leagues from all over the world.

In OSM, the manager controls his team from A to Z: he decides on tactics, selects a formation, buys and sells players, creates the line-up, improves the stadium’s facilities, and much more.  Read more