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Online Football Manager on Facebook


In October of 2011, the moment had finally arrived. After 10 years, our game Online Football Manager can now also be played through Facebook. Facebook’s games platform has experienced an explosive growth during the past few years. There are millions of people who are now playing games with greater ease through their favourite social network, and having more fun than ever. A few examples would be the games Cityville, Farmville and The Sims Social. Online Football Manager benefits from a simplification of the sign-up process, as new users will not have to remember a new login name and password.

Following the launch of the Facebook version in October, OFM has experienced a rapid growth. OFM grew to 800,000 players worldwide, thanks in part to the growth realized on Facebook. The worldwide version reached 100,000 within a month, and in early 2012, the amount of players grew to as much as a quarter million. This rapid increase has raised the total amount of active users who log in every month to 310,000. Naturally, we are extremely pleased with this number, and hope to reach the half million mark on Facebook soon.

Thanks in part to this growth, the amount of ‘likes’ on our official Facebook fan page has also been growing far more rapidly. The average used to be around 200 new likes a day, but there are currently between 1500 and 2000 people who click the ‘like’ button of our Online Football Manager fan page every day. The total amount of likes at this time is 315,000.